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The 1st International Conference & Expo on Halal, State and Society in Asia Pacific

Today, Halal is a global phenomenon no longer just associated with religion. The Halal label has become a symbol for good quality and wholesomeness. It is an emerging market force, that attracts not only for Muslims but also becoming a lifestyle of choice for non-Muslims. To reflect this growing trend, increasingly everyone seems to wants a slice of the Halal market. With the global Muslim population estimated, about 1.9 billion or about 24% of the world population. Marketing of halal products is the fastest growing in the world, at this moment has reached about 2.5 trillion US dollars annually in the world.

The branding of Halal products and services has to be of International Standards. As Halalan Thoyyibban means permissible, and of High Standards which in turn makes the whole world our market, not confined purely to the Muslim Ummah.

Purpose of this conference is to discuss about halal in Asia Pacific from various aspects, such as : The Law Halal products, Halal Food and beverage, Halal medicine and cosmetic, Halal certification & Halal Standardization, Halal business & management, Halal tourism, Halal logistic, Halal Fashion & used goods, etc.

Scope of this conference includes:

  1. International conference attended by national and international participants include professors, researchers, and graduate students from the fields of various multidisciplinary science
  2. Call for papers followed by national and international participants who submit relevant research results in the field of science and technology in written form from the fields about HALAL.
  3. Call for poster followed by national and international participants who submit relevant research results in the fields of science and technology in the form of posters from the fields about HALAL.


  • Expo Halal Products.
  • The Law Halal products
  • The role of SMIIC-OIC on Halal Products
  • Halal Food and beverage
  • Halal medicine and cosmetic
  • Halal medical care and wellness
  • Halal Slaughtering
  • Halal certification & Halal Standardization
  • Halal Auditor & Halal Assurance System
  • Islamic Finance and Modern Economy
  • Halal business & management
  • Development of Halal park and Halal hub
  • Halal tourism
  • Innovation in Halal Industry
  • Halal logistic
  • Scientific technology to detect non-halal materials
  • Halal Hotel and restaurant
  • Halal Fashion & used goods
  • Halal art and culture
  • Halal media and books
  • Halal education, etc

Prospective papers should be written in readable and plain English and between 4 to 6 pages. Submitted papers will be carefully evaluated based on originality, significance, technical soundness, and clarity of exposition. Each paper will be reviewed by three program committee members. Papers which do not conform to the requirements may be rejected without review.

The IC-HASSAP committee will forward the papers submitted to this conference to the indexed -Scopus/Thomson Reuters publisher. This publisher has fully authority either to publish or reject the papers. Here, the publisher will automatically refuse the plagiaristic papers.

Paper should be formatted according to the IEEE guidelines (authors using Latex need to choose the LateX2e – Tighter Alternate style) and submitted electronically at "Paper Submission".

Important Dates

Final date for abstract submission:
September 1, 2017

Notification for abstract acceptance:
September 15, 2017

Full Paper Submission Date:
September 30, 2017

Last Early Bird Payment Date:
September 7, 2017

Last Normal Rate Payment Date:
October 10, 2017

Halal lifestyle Expo:
October 19-21, 2017

Seminar Date:
October 21-22, 2017

Paper Submission

Paper Submission


Preparing Final Manuscripts

Preparing Final Manuscripts

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